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Posted by shirlstars on March 21, 2010

HEAVEN #3403
Your Heart Will Rise to New Heights
March 20, 2010
God said:

Vaster than the ocean, vaster than the galaxies, vaster than all the other dimensions, vaster than everything is the love in your heart. Now it is for you to stream that love out into the world, from your heart to the heart of all. Let not the love in your heart be sludge. If there is an error, it is not to love fulsomely. To not use your love, to not share it, to keep it unto yourself, that is unfathomable.
No matter how you ascribe your heart, no matter what emptiness you may feel, there is 100% love in your heart. It is waiting for a green light from you. Give it. Give your heart every opportunity to go where it wills. Remove the anchor from your heart. Let the ship of love sail.

You do not have to steer so adamantly. Your heart will know the route it is to take.

The world is going to have an onslaught of love, and you are going to give it. We have all been waiting a long time for this moment when your heart of love is freed from purgatory. A free heart is worth gold. It goes everywhere, and doesn’t latch on. Your heart is attached to its love being free. That’s what your heart wants. It wants its freedom to be the heart it is. Your heart will no longer tolerate being caged.
Your love is going to land where it will. In so doing, your heart will rise to new heights. It will fly with the angels. It will land everywhere. Your heart full of love will fill Earth with love. That is your heart’s desire, and it is your heart’s joy, and it is your heart’s purpose. Your heart is so full of love, it is crying. “Open me.” That is the cry of your heart.

“Let me out, ” your heart yells. ” Let me be. Let me be true to myself and not false with some idea you have taken up with. I am tender, yet I am not meant to be heart-sore. I am meant to be heart-free, heart-happy, heart fulfilled in its giving, and giving beyond compare.

“The capacity of each heart is the same, and, yet, the ways of giving may not be the same. All hearts love equally, yet they love differently. And all hearts want to give frequently, continually. No heart wants to stop loving. What have you done to repress me, your very own heart, so? What have I done to not be let free?

“A caged heart has a hard time singing. Open the gate, please. Open it now. That I go free doesn’t mean that I leave you. You really can’t keep me as your own. I have to fly free, and you have to let me. I am your own as you set me free.

“It is true that I am your servant. Before servitude to you, however, I serve God and the wholeness of the world that He upholds. God asked me to venture free. As I serve God, so will I serve you. Believe me, it is God’s Will that I give love away. The beauty is that, as I give, you start to feel how full I, your heart, am. You have a heart full of love. That’s me! I cannot bail out love fast enough. Let me loose now, for I am bulging at the seams. Let me travel as I must. I will always come back to you. You don’t have to keep me on a short leash. Just let me go, or I will burst. Let me out now.
I thank you.”

Heavenletters™ Copyright1999-2010 —   * Gloria Wendroff, Godwriter™, Teacher, Speaker * The Godwriting™ International Society of Heaven Ministries * 703 E. Burlington Avenue, Fairfield, IA 52556  * www.heavenletters.org *

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Posted by shirlstars on March 19, 2010

It is difficult to imagine anything that is more encased in myth and fairy tales than our society’s construct of romantic relationships.  We will meet “THE ONE” and fall in love and live happily ever after.  With more than half of marriages ending in divorce these days it is stunning that we still insist on preserving this myth.

In my understanding of my truths relationships offer us the greatest opportunities for growth as humans, angels in embodiment.  Not just romantic relationships but family, friends, co-workers, all relationships between individuals.

Speaking to romantic relationships we have got it mostly wrong.  And consciously awake, Lightworkers, if you will, and their clamoring for union with their Twin Flames. . .are not knowing and understanding the depth of that aspect of our beingness.  It is my knowing that most of our aspects we identify as Twin Flames are NOT in embodiment at this time.  Most of our longing for that “other part” of us is not about meeting another human here in body that will bring us happiness and fulfill our every fantasy of love. Our true longing is to become “WHOLE.”  And that, dear hearts, is the process of merging with our higherselves.  That is the process of loving ourselves totally and completely for who we are becoming.  Who we are now.  Who we have been during our expression of the physical, mental, spiritual, etheric in this lifetime or any other.  There is no “other” here or “out there” that can or will complete us except us.

We have a very elementary outstanding of what love is.  We often talk about there being something called “Unconditional Love” which we differentiate from romantic love.  Love is truly all encompassing, there is no difference in love.  Truly.  There is love with physical intimacy but at its depth it must truly be unconditional.  There is no “off button” or “on button” for love.  There is deep abiding love with or without physical, sexual expression.   When we actually learn to love self and then expand that to “Love others as you love yourself” it brings us to the beginning of expanding into real love for all.  Not the intellectualized version of love but the true, deep heart center love for all of creation and all beings within that creation.

We have physical vibrational energy attractions to others.  We may choose to act on them or not in an intimate and sexual way.  If that attraction then leads us to the thing we call “falling in love” we may then agree to become partners for a time.   What most of us, and it is mainly women, do is have wild fantasy expectations of our partner that they will become some wonderful version of what or who we want them to be.  The truth is the person you see before you right now is who that person is.  The only ways in which they will change are the ways that THEY desire to change.  Their growth or lack of it is totally their choice and is none of our business.  WE CANNOT CHANGE ANOTHER PERSON!  Nor do we have the right to attempt to change them.  If we are confident enough to negotiate different behaviors with each other in a loving and considerate way and we are willing to and desire to agree on ways we each might benefit from some compromise, that is a choice to make change.  Demanding anything from another because it is what WE want from them not only will not work it is an insult to the sovereignty of the other’s being.  It cannot work.

When we are in the throes of emotion and physical attraction we seldom have the necessary conversations with the object of our affection that tell them specifically who we are and in return they share with us who they are.  When we know who each of us are, only then can we make an informed decision about how we will choose to define our relationship.  The person in front of you is who they are.  The changes they may make are THEIR choice, not yours.

We do not grow and advance at the same rates nor in the same directions.  By intent and desire sometimes one partner chooses to accelerate growth at a much greater speed than the other.  Sometimes we grow in very different directions.  Some are resistant to growth of any type.  So. . .knowing that, how foolish is it that we pledge ourselves to commitments of “Until Death Do Us Part?”   And how predictable is it that most will not complete that commitment?

I will use myself as an example.  In my past relationships I held the concept I could justify my relationship with someone by all the “potential” I saw in them.  How arrogant!  I just thought for certain that if they lived with me day in and day out eventually they would see that the way I handled situations, the way I thought and behaved, the things I aspired to would somehow magically become imprinted on them and they would become. . .what?. . .another version of me? . . .a better version of them?  Arrogant!

When I had the opportunity to live alone for nearly 10 years and do the important work on myself I came to understand how totally ignorant I had been about relationships.  I came to understand that I was not honoring the other person for who they are but for who I hoped they would become.  Each of us has the right to be who we are.  Each of us must spend the time and effort to discover who it is we truly are.  From that place of knowing (the good, the bad, the ugly) we then can choose who WE wish to become.  Who we are becoming is more important than anything else we intend.

In the wonderful experience I was given in writing my book I was given the opportunity to meet and interact with my Twin Flame.  Something that was more astonishing to me than anything I have ever experienced.  As the writing progressed I had actual interactions at some level of physical experience with this divine being.  I was awestruck.  I could barely comprehend how this was possible but it was as real as me sitting next to you in physical person. Prior to this experience I was not exactly certain just what this “Twin Flame” that many spoke of really was or is.  Certainly I had read many things about it.  I knew quite a few others who were in constant “begging” of the Universe or Source to reunite them with their twin flame in this physical life. . .where was he or she?  I did not rule out the existence of such, but I just was rather uncertain that there was such a thing as a Twin Flame.  I was not one who was asking for a physical Twin Flame to show up on my doorstep.  I wasn’t sure they actually existed.  So, yes, I was knocked off my feet by my meeting and experience.

Over months of these interactions and daily conversations with this divine one I was told that she and I were integrating, combining, become one with each other.  It was a transformational experience of extraordinary proportions.  We remain individualized yet truly integrated in oneness.  I doubt there are words to fully or even surfacely describe it.

But it is.  I am the new person that I have become because of it.

When I chose to enter into my new relationship here in the physical, it was and is with full knowledge of what I have learned.  There is no forever more or death do us part.  Of course we will be forever with each other in whatever means and purpose that might be, probably most certainly not in the relationship manner that we feel we are currently in.

Everything I do and say I bring from my deepest heart center of Universal Unconditional Love.  I have become one who lives in my heart center.  I do not get caught up in trivial, unimportant things that may not be the way I would choose to do something.  I have full allowing of my partner to be who she truly is in all that encompasses.  I also am in full allowing of me being who I am.  I honor her individuality.  She honors mine, which is amazing in as much as I am one of those “crazy, woo woo, New Age, Metaphysical weirdos” and she is not.  We have many complementary things about our personalities/beingness.  We have many very different aspects of ourselves that could be seen as opposite.  I have no requirement that she be anything other than who she is.  I explained to her very early on who I am and what is important to me and that my spiritual seeking and expressions will not ever be less than the most important thing in my life.  She has accepted that.  We don’t pick at each other’s differences.  We allow them.

I entered this relationship saying this is what it is for today.  Each hour of each day it is what it is and what joy, comfort and pleasure it brings us.  I have forecast nothing beyond today, this hour, this moment, this NOW.  Our devotion and intent that our love grow and expand in our highest and best good is very strong.  We do not speculate on how many days, weeks, months or years that may encompass.  It is wonderfully what it is today.  Now.  And we know full well there is nothing beyond NOW.

Where your focus is will determine how you experience everything in life on this planet.  I focus on the wonderful, the miraculous, the joyful, the beauty, the peace, the contentment, the ever expanding love.  When it comes to my partner I focus on all that is positive and admirable, all that is beautiful, fun, interesting, praise worthy and I forget about anything that is not in alignment with that.  What you focus on is what you get.  The law of attraction in action.  What you focus on is what you get.  Each of us must KNOW this in our deepest heart and soul.  We choose what we focus on.  We choose millions of times each day what we will focus on.  What we focus on is what we get.

Our focus is what determines our vibrational energy.  We can have whatever we want if that is what we focus on.  And we can have whatever we don’t want if that is what we focus on.  It could not be more simple.  But to intellectualize that concept and not encompass it and integrate it into our heart center will not serve us.  You cannot think this, you must become this.  I AM BECOMING LOVE.  Love is my focus.  What I focus on is what I get.

So in our ongoing releasing of things that no longer serve us. . .all those things that trigger irritation, all those things that others do or say that we feel opposed to. . . we release our resistance to things that are not our way of doing or being.   We release them and understand with love that that is just where the other is, that is just where they are along their path of growth and advancement.  We love them and we do not focus on where we disagree or feel in opposition to them, we release our resistance.  We let go of all those old trigger reactions, we heal the experiences that brought the triggers into place in the first place, and we just let go of them.  When our focus is on Love and all things positive we serve the highest and best of all creation.  We absolutely get what we focus on.

We can re-act or we can act.  Our actions in love from our purist and deepest heart center are always right.  Always.  Reactions usually take us down a less positive and less productive path.

Blessings and love for your continued actions in love and caring for others,

Endlessly I AM


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Mormon Experience Part 2

Posted by shirlstars on March 7, 2010

Over the years of study I found many things to suggest that many of the sacred/secret Mormon Temple rituals and symbolic rites and ceremonies were taken almost literally from the Masons and their secret ways of doing things.  I didn’t want to believe this and I did plenty of studying of the Masonic orders, their origins and purpose and the stated reasons for their secrecy.  Finally one day I saw it very clearly when I saw that the Masonic Aprons and special “garb” for their rituals were exact replicas of the Mormon Temple aprons and garb.  The Masons had them first. . .so that only leads one to see that someone, most likely Joseph Smith and associates, incorporated them into this “restored-gospel church” he was founding.

As my studies led me through many religious teachings, rituals and ceremonies, their origins and meanings, I ran across many things that suggested Joseph or others “borrowed” from older established churches or organizations when it suited them.

I don’t ask any to believe these things. I am not quoting any references in specific here, so I encourage you to do your own searching and research if you wish to refute or validate these things for yourself.  But do beware of the many “Mormon Hating” web sites out there.  Most of them are filled with lies, speculation and out and out fabrications.  Make sure to use your discernment to read as many diverse views of the Mormon story as possible, then form your own opinions.

So what was it in particular that I had a hard time letting go of?  Well, I had some difficulty in the 70’s and 80’s when the Seth material was coming out (Jane Roberts channeled  a non-physical entity identified as Seth).  A lot of my old belief systems about who would be “worthy” to bring forth truths of this nature and some of the more difficult to believe possible things discussed in this material were a very abrupt shake up of my own perceptions and beliefs.  Over time I worked through them and found them not to be so odd, so unusual, so out of my main stream of thought.  It did take some time though.

But. . .what I couldn’t get a handle on or a logical understanding of was reincarnation.  Now I know that many Christian sects think Mormon’s believe in reincarnation because of their belief in a pre-life existence as a spiritual being, although all Christian sects claim to believe in an afterlife.  I was woefully misinformed about reincarnation.  Instead of doing my usual research and reading and discovery, I had formed my opinion of reincarnation from the popular concepts of the time. . .and the nonsense that was perpetrated about such things.  I heard many, many stories about this one or that one had been Cleopatra in a previous lifetime, someone had been Napolean, someone else had been Ann Bolyn.  On and on it went.  All these people that said they believed they had had previous lifetimes. . .all famous people from history.  Not a beggar, a thief, a chamber maid, a struggling mother of 12 children, a shepherd, a tenant farmer, just an ordinary person with an ordinary life. . .not at all.  It could not be.  It made no logic at all.

So I decided this had to be bunk and nonsense.  I should have done more study.  I really should have read and understood the book of Jane Roberts, Oversoul Seven, that explains it beautifully and in a great story form.  I just wasn’t there yet and I had such strong resistance to finding out what it really was.  I just was not yet willing to let go of it.

Ten years later, ten years more study and introduction to a wide range of channeling and books by truly spiritually inspired and deeply sincere and highly ethical people, I began to understand what reincarnation is.  It was really very simple.  It made and does make perfect sense.  Once I let go of my almost irrational resistance to this concept it was clear sailing all the way.

Others have explained it in much more clarity and detail than I am able, but the simplified explanation (mine) is what I will offer.  It is not this person, certainly not this body, not this personality, not these circumstances that formed the uniqueness of me that has had other lifetime experiences.  It is Aspects of an “oversoul” or “Higher-Self” that have had other life experiences.   I am, this version of me is, just one aspect of a group or Higher-self soul that is sent out to experience a life in the physical.  I am one of many.  We are yet one in the greater sense.  I have access to all their experiences and they have access to mine. . .but until we become aware, awakened to this we do not understand or know of these other experiences even though life gives us many clues throughout that we could have actually pulled together to understand this very truth.   If we continue to search for our spiritual identity, continue to become more and more aware and raise our vibrational energies to those levels above this 3D experience, we break down the barriers that we have called “the veil.”  We can become adept at seeing into other lifetimes and other experiences of our aspects.

I have not done a lot of that because I know that THIS lifetime that I am currently focused in is the one where I can make the most changes, the most advances, have the most impact and complete the most unfinished business.  For the most part it does not serve me and my current purpose to be delving into what life experiences my other aspects may have or are having.  It is far more beneficial and worthwhile for me to focus on the things I am choosing to accomplish in THIS life.

Everything is a process.  The process is worth your participation and focus.  The process takes us through whatever we need to go through to move up the vibrational ladder.  It is worth it.


What ever belief system anyone has in their life, if it brings them Joy and Peace and a sense of purpose, I am in favor of it for them.  I do not attempt or want to convert others to believe as I believe.  I expect the same respect from them.  If it makes your heart sing, then it is truly your best choice for you.


Blessings and hugs to all


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My Mormon Experience

Posted by shirlstars on March 7, 2010

I have no axe to grind with any religious sect or its participants. . .except when they attempt to force their beliefs on me.

Whatever belief system assists anyone on their journey through life is their choice and they have a right to that choice.  If they find JOY and fulfillment and spiritual peace in any organization, that is fine with me.  That is one of the major aspects of this life on earth.  Whatever brings you joy, love, and fulfillment is the path you should follow.  However, if those teachings and beliefs bring you fear, self-loathing, judgmental views of self and others, a concept of forever unattainable search for perfection. . .I would advise anyone to run from them as fast as possible.   We are here to experience and in that process of our experiences we are here to find JOY and be filled with the love of All That Is.

I was raised in the Mormon religion.  The actual name of the group is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  They have been called Mormons as a reference to the Book of Mormon which is at the base of the Church’s founding.

I began my education in the Church as a 5 year old when a devout LDS family adopted me and my older brother.  So, I began in the children’s Sunday School.  We learned Bible Stories and Book of Mormon Stories.  We were told what behavior made us good or bad.  It is the usual indoctrination of children that all Christian (and other) religions use.

My situation perhaps was different from most others.  I had been to a Christian Science Church once that I recall at about the age of 3.  There I heard one very important universal truth. . .God Is Love.  I knew that was truth.  I knew that was right.  And whatever else they may have taught or now teach, that one is a winner.  It still holds true today and eternally.  God is Love.  Love is all there is.  There is no more powerful force or energy in all of Creation than Love.

Growing up in the Mormon Church I was immersed in all of their doctrine, if not bombarded with it.  There was a church group meeting of some sort or other almost everyday of the week.  You were expected to go.  I went to most of them all of the time.

The thing was that I am who I am.  I have always been some version of that.  I had questions and I needed and wanted substantive answers.  I always got answers but not always substantive and not usually given with anything less than irritation that I would ask.  The answers generally just brought forth more questions.  People generally weren’t too pleased that I had this never ending need to understand in greater depth and detail.  By the time I was 15, very indoctrinated in spite of it all, I was feeling a deeply spiritual part of me that really needed to know more in order to grow.

I began reading more and more of church history, books written by church hierarchy, in depth studies of the founding of the church and how the doctrine had unfolded and morphed into what it was at the time in the mid 1950’s.  Indeed I studied the church at great length and continuously even into my 40’s.

As with anything humans put their limited understandings and skewed viewpoints to, I found a lot of contradictory information.  But I was smart enough to do what “they” always instructed us to do when we had a problem or confusion.  I prayed about it.  I prayed very seriously about it.  I expected “God” to let me know what was correct and what was amiss.  I most certainly expected an answer.  I got answers.  The answers were not always clear cut nor decisive but more often than not it was the feeling of follow your heart, do what you feel is right, go where you are led, just know that all is well between you and I.  Keep seeking truth.

By age 19, I could no longer tolerate the hypocrisy of many of the local members.  Their endless judgmental views of others, their finger-pointing and gossiping, the constant “casting the first stone” when indeed they had no place of such perfection or “sin-less-ness” to even consider throwing stones at others was more than I was willing to tolerate any longer.  I left the church behind me and began to study ALL religions and spiritual philosophies a study that continues to this day.

In all the studies, all the expansive information and knowledge I acquired I found there was no “organized religion” that had much truth.  All have some fragments of truth.  None have all the truth.  And humans have altered, changed, discarded so much of the little truth they once had that there has been nothing there to draw me to them.

During my years upon years of study, yearning and desire for spiritual advancement and truths that could actually pass the test of my “truth-o-meter” I began to gather up the fragments of truths wherever I found them, knowing that at any moment in the future any one of them or all of them might very well be replaced with an expanded understanding and knowing of what was really intended.

I had a deep knowing inside of me that I was on the right path.  Since those years from age 15, I carried on long and deeply serious conversations with God and the Angelic beings.  I told them everything.  I asked for help and understanding.  I KNEW I would be guided to what would be the higher truths of things as best I was able to comprehend them.  I was right.

There is a “catch” in all of this.  There have always been advanced beings in body on the earth with the knowing of greater truths.  The catch is that we lesser evolved, or unawakened humans can only conceive of so much at any given moment in time.  Everything we learn is filtered through what we already think we know and what those around us think they know and what the convetional wisdom of those times tells us.  So we have had to be fed small doses of basic truths in ways (stories or parables or metaphors) that we could begin to comprehend what we are learning.  There are not many kindergarten children that can comprehend String Theory Physics or Quantum Mechanics (although if we taught it properly, I’ll bet a lot of them could get the basic concepts).  The masses of humanity have been as small children only able to eat pablum.  We just haven’t been able to digest anything more complicated.  For the most part curiosity is discouraged.  Questioning is frowned upon.  Seeking knowledge of things outside of acceptable parameters is not encouraged or supported.

Churches and other large groups or organizations are founded and fueled by the need for those “in charge” to remain in power at all costs and to hold sway by whatever means will keep them there.  The most successful way to do that is to keep their members and associates in fear and guilt.  Churches have mastered this with their “you are a sinner” and “you are not perfect and thus not worthy” with some sort of plan or program that might get you closer to being acceptable to your “God” but never a promise of actually being able to accomplish that perfection.

As I studied hundreds of spiritual philosophies, hundreds if not thousands of religions, and I continued my endless discussions with non-physical entites I could see that there was none I should join.  No Guru, no teacher, no Priest, no Prophet, no Shaman, no one that I should take as an authority on things of spirit.  Do not join and do not be a follower, ever.  There was nothing ambiguous about this guidance.  It was clear and unmistakable.

And that is an interesting correlation to the Joseph Smith Story.  The young man at 15 years of age who was surrounded in small town upstate New York by enormous religious fever and revival everywhere from every sect imaginable.  From his deepest heart he went into the woods and prayed wanting to know which of these religions were right.  Who had the truth and which should he join.  The answer was clear.  None of them.

I found a lot of things about the Mormon story that I related to for a long time in my life.  I had seen things that many call visions all of my life.  I had no trouble believing that Joseph Smith had visions.  The stories my family told over and over again were filled with the miraculous happenings within our own family.  I had no trouble believing in the miraculous.  I found the stories in the Book of Mormon about the people who lived on the American Continent to be viable history that I could believe as far as it went.  I could see how the Church was formed and founded and how it changed many things because it was more culturally acceptable than that it was actual truth.  One must read the actual diaries and writings of Joseph Smith during his short lifetime to see what was really going on and what opposition he met at every turn., from members as well as outsiders, to comprehend the endless persecutions he and the early members suffered.  The stories as retold as the “common wisdom history” of the church often leave out important things, even to this day, because they are too outside the main stream, too scary, too unacceptable to those we interact with everyday.  It is hard to grow a church when people think you are crazy or “evil.”

In reading the accounts of Joseph’s visions and “revelations”  I can see how close he came to getting it.  (meaning close to many of the truths I have come to embrace personally) But you see, when we receive information from Angelic Beings or “God” as we perceive that entity, things he called revelation or that we might call channeling today, all of that is filtered through our experiences and our, albeit limited, knowledge and perceptions.   If we work diligently on our connections (energy frequency vibrations) with “higher” beings, we can tune into an ever clearer channel like we do on the radio dial.  And some have done this very well and we get pretty clear information through them.  Yet still, all of them have some elements of the beliefs and perceptions of the person receiving the information however unintentional.  That is why we say take what resonates as truth for you and set aside those things that do not.  Don’t dismiss what does not resonate at this moment, but ask that it be verified to you.  That is why we must always be open to allowing our understanding of anything we consider truth to change, grow or resolve into something greater than it once was.

There is NO ONE GREAT TRUTH of anything written in stone.  We are an evolving people on an evolving planet, guided by an evolving Creator Source.  What resonates with me as truth may not resonate with any other in the same way or at all.

The next installment will relate what was the most difficult thing for me in finally letting go of my childhood indoctrination and how I managed to do it joyfully.


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A Powerful Moment in Time

Posted by shirlstars on December 22, 2009

Hilarion’s Weekly Message, December 20-27, 2009
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff
Beloved Lightworkers,

This week I wish to enthusiastically support the words of the Archangels Michael, Raziel, Raphael and Angel L’asa who have spoken to you earlier this month. This is a powerful time for all upon the Planet. It is a time of continued cleansing and refining of all that no longer serves, a time of reflection on the direction you wish to travel for the coming year, and a time of Awakening to new possibilities and abilities. Many of you have been experiencing a replay of all that you thought had already been purged from you and have been wondering when you would be free of these.

Dear Ones, this is a completion for you. It might be likened to a Bardo experience that happens when a Soul departs from Earth, in your case, you have chosen to continue on in your Ascension journey while in your physical body so you are experiencing a review of your life lived on the Earth up to this point in time. All is in divine order and we ask you to be at peace about this occurrence. Just allow these thoughts and feelings from the past to pass through you, allow all the feelings of sadness, injustice, grief, indignation and anger to be released. This will be a final purging.

Be patient with yourselves. I know I have said this before many times, but it is necessary to keep repeating it because we notice so many of you being so hard on yourselves. It is a tremendous process that you are going through and it can feel as though it is never ending. The less resistance you make to what comes forth and acknowledge and understand what is occurring, the faster this phase of your Ascension will transpire. Just allow all to pass through you as a detached observer and you will soon be stepping into your new role in alignment with your Divine Plan. This is the reason for the great undercurrent of excitement that you feel. It is the blossoming forth of all of your possibilities that are beckoning upon the horizon. Go with it! Spend time developing your imagination and live your wondrous fantasies, for they are to become the foundation of your new life upon this Planet. The energies at this time are very conducive for dreaming into existence your new way of living.

Relax and enjoy the Love, peace, joy and hopeful spirit of this time of year upon your Planet. Laugh, dance and sing and look into the eyes of each other as you do it, for that is where each Soul shines through. Connect with each other on a deeper level. You have all learned to shield your hearts from the pain of your daily living on a Planet that has been inundated with negative thought forms, deeds and activities that have not been for your highest good. It is time now to allow your hearts to open to Love and the Oneness we all are and be not afraid to do so. It requires great courage to make yourselves vulnerable in this way but it is what is needed to step into the new World of the Golden Age that is glimmering on the horizon. As you open your hearts, greater Light comes in, and as this occurs, a great cleansing and purging which will lighten your heart and the load you have been carrying for far too long. Smile often and give thanks for all the good things and people in your life. Gratitude is the attitude that leads to greater abundance. Each of you deserves a cornucopia pouring forth the delicious fruits of your many labors. Allow yourselves to feel those precious moments of joy and happiness and well being. This is the season for it.
May you all be blessed in all ways.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion
©2009-2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

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Love Will Overcome All Obstacles

Posted by shirlstars on August 21, 2009

Archangel Raphael: sChanneled by Marlene Swetlishoff August 18, 2009

============= Beloved Ones, I come forth on this day to speak with you all about the need to hold your Light steady as the days go forth. There is much cleansing and purging that is occurring. Most of you see this within your own family, you see the dynamics at work. I wish to speak to you about the discernment that occurs within each of you when you see old patterns that held you in the throes of manipulation through fear.

When you declare your sovereignty, when you declare that you are no longer a slave to the past, what occurs with those members of your family and the world at large, is that when you make this declaration, they will start to increase their efforts to bring you back into the fold, and I say to you, Beloved Ones, hold your Light, hold your ground, stay calm, stay centered, release the need to ‘fix’ things for these individuals, for it is not your responsibility.

Everyone who is upon the Earth at this time, regardless of their personal situation and the life that they have chosen for themselves, has to take control of their own lives and find that strength within themselves where they once used to steal that energy from you. Now they will have to muster up that energy for themselves. It will create a certain pressure to you Ones, but when it is clearly seen that you no longer respond to such actions, these actions will stop, and the individuals who are trying to bring you back into the old ways of doing things will begin to seek within themselves for the answers as to why you are not responding, and it is in this way that growth within them will occur. So allow them this opportunity, Dear Ones. Do not rush in to ‘fix’ things for them as you did in the past, for the past is gone…there is only this moment.

Each individual can and does, have the strength and the power within themselves to find their own answers. Now, One can do this firmly, speaking with clarity and truth but with gentleness and Love, and as these individuals go through their growing process, they will begin to understand and ‘see the Light’, so to speak. There will come a point of harmony and Unity with all those around you, with your family members, with your work family, with your community and the larger community of the World. More and more responsibility for self will begin to be noticeable and people will begin to quietly and with clarity, start to take responsibility for themselves, for their thoughts, for their words, for their actions, for their deeds, knowing that they are the Creators of their World and that thoughts are things and if you think them often enough, you will create what you have been thinking about and manifest it in your World.

Then will come the realization of how powerful each individual truly is and then there will be great progress made upon the Earth, for in realizing their own self responsibility and the power of the Creator that lies within them, will come the realization that they can create the World of their choosing and all that they must do is choose the World that they wish to experience, and this will happen, so do not lose heart, Dear Ones, there is great hope, and this entire process is being helped at this time by the Cosmic Energies that are flowing in ever greater intensity upon Planet Earth at this time. You are all being inundated by the great Cosmic Light and the great Cosmic Love energies. Love will overcome all obstacles, Dear Ones. Be true to yourselves, stand quietly in your Light and be firm with those who are used to siphoning your energies instead of going within and drawing on their own reserves. They will Awaken, they will muster the strength within themselves once they understand clearly that it is they who create their reality from moment to moment.

We the Archangelic realm and the Angelic realms are working non-stop in bringing assistance and healing and cleansing, clearing and purging to each of you. It is our greatest desire to assist Humanity into the Light of Higher Consciousness. It is our greatest desire to serve our Creator in this way. Call upon we of the higher Angelic realms and the Archangelic realms and we’ll be at your Service in an instant.

I AM Archangel Raphael ©2009

Marlene Swetlishoff Distributing this message in other forums, etc. is encouraged, please do so with the following guidelines: Include author’s credit, copyright and website: Weekly Messages from Hilarion. Subscribe to Free Monthly Newsletter. Details: http://www.therainbowscribe.com *

Much Light, Love and Rainbow Blessings,


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~~SPIRALS OF LIGHT~~ (Article by Edward)

Posted by shirlstars on August 18, 2009

In the greater Scheme of Things, life evolves in cycles, from the initial thrust or impetus of Original Energy from spirit into form, through creative intelligence. From the purity of unconditioned God-Force through motion, and creative expression, we experience the cycles of creations.

The Cycles of Life proceed through Spirals of Light, which is the essence of God-Force expressing itself through co-creation. Every life-form represents a microcosm that is a co-creator with the Macrocosm. The experience of life becomes a process of learning and growth through our own creations. The process of learning comes through cyclic experiences and from the cause and effect of our own creations (karma), or causes and consequences.

In this current cycle of Life evolution, the Earth and its people are in a process of acceleration, leading to “graduation” of consciousness. It is a time of great change, but is necessary change with a higher purpose. It is the graduation (or ascension) of the Earth itself, as it moves into a higher frequency state of being. This naturally will carry the residents of Earth forward into a higher state of being, provided they are not resistant to the changes.

Spirals of Light is the means by which individuals can choose to move freely into this new state of being. The new higher frequency impetus, or boosts of energy are assisting us to move forwards, onwards and upwards spiritually, in our higher evolution of being. We are learning self-mastery, and mastery over the situations in which we find ourselves for our greater learning.

The Spirals of Light have a two-fold appearance. One aspect is the upward spiral of the vibratory field of creative energy and consciousness which is advancing into the new paradigm of existence. Some call this the “ascension frequency”. This is facilitating the movement into higher consciousness, which is a greater awareness of our responsibilities and role as a global citizen with some degree of universal awareness. This is our true destiny course and spiritual heritage.

The secondary aspect is the downward vibratory spiral, which results from the freewill aspect of individuals who are qualifying this heightened energy in self-centred or destructive ways. We know that as free-willed beings, we continue to make choices, and the choices and decisions we take, and the attitudes we adopt, all contribute to the way we qualify our life expression.

So in summarizing, the Spirals of Light are spiraling simultaneously in both positive and negative expressions. One frequency is spirally upwards into the new planetary frequency, while the other is spirally downwards into a destructive frequency. Negative energy can only ultimately be destructive.

The current state of the world can be described either as a cup half full or half empty depending on our perspective, because Life is a perspective of relative realities according to our conditioned experiences and understanding.

In the current state of the world we are witnessing the very best and the very worst of human expression and behaviour. The increased higher frequency energies that are now prevailing are enhancing all positive endeavors, and encouraging us to express our full potential and be our best self.

Alternatively, these energies are also magnifying all the negative expression or intent of individuals or groups. Energy of itself is neutral. It is our freewill qualification of our energies that creates positive or negative patterns.

The Spirals of Light are now intensifying, and are bringing all conditions to the surface in order to be observed, assessed, and transformed. The state of the world is reflecting a range of conditions whereby people are resolving their karma, or repeating old patterns. This is learning from our own creations.

It is a process of cause and effects and consequences.

So the Spirals of Light present us with choice. We can quite simply choose to move from one spiral (or frequency) to the other. We can be part of the solution, or be part of the problem. We can choose upliftment and creative expression, or we can choose limitation and isolation, and become a captive of our own patterns of limitation. While we all have a soul purpose that we bring into our physical embodiment, we also have the free will factor that can derail our higher purpose and cause us to drift into undesirable side alleys.

If we use the Tree of Life as an example, we can aim straight up the central trunk to the apex, or we can spend endless hours or lifetimes meandering around the lower branches. All branches have valuable experiences, providing that we continue to move on, to move forward, onwards and upwards. We cannot stand still and think we have made it when the journey is an eternal one, and an ongoing cycle of evolving consciousness.

We can of course be still within. In fact this is a primary reason to calm the physical, emotional and mental cravings that demand their patterns of fulfillment be perpetuated. We do need to focus our attention to the inner spirit, and our I AM within, to connect with the fullness of our True Being and to draw upon our inner essence and potential. This is how we can express and manifest the potency of the inner God-force into our material world.

This is how we can move with the Spirals of Light that will deliver the new Earth, as we connect the present with the new, and as we transition from the old world into the New Earth. This is our purpose for being here at this time in the Earth’s history, just as many souls have been here before at these times of transition and cycles of major change.

This is why this is a time of re-gathering and of forging ancient links, so that we create a united force-field of intent and creative purpose in delivering a major outcome for the Earth and for ourselves.

Many spiritual people may have felt somewhat under utilized for some time now after an initial awakening and activation. The Spirals of Light move in progressive phases. Some phases require a major activation and boost of activity to initiate new cycles. This then requires consolidation, stabilization, healing and nurturing before another boost is initiated. This provides time for assimilation of all that has been delivered so far. If everything moved forward at a great pace, it can cause a burnout of cellular circuitry. This would be counter-productive, because growth needs to be sustainable and enduring.

The Spirals of Light provide their own stimulation and activation at the appropriate timing. We simply need to be receptive. So we can rest assured that we will all be active in the right place at the right time, and with all of the relevant people. Souls gravitate together through their vibrational affinity and attraction. It requires faith in the Greater Plan of Life. It also requires patience, which is one of the great virtues. Patience, love, and perseverance, are all qualities required for us to move forward into the upward Spirals of Light.

Best wishes from the Gold Heart of Love. ….Edward.

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Change and Chaos

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Hilarion’s Weekly Message – August 16 -23, 2009
Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff
Beloved Lightworkers,

This week I want to address the various messages coming through that talk about ‘chaos’ energies and the interpretations of these energies that are coming forth. Dear Ones, all energies that flow throughout the Universes can be considered ‘chaos’ energies and One would need to examine these energies on a personal level to understand what that means. All new energies never before experienced can be called by this name, as experiencing them can lead to transformation and change, and isn’t this what you are all working towards? As transformation of the consciousness of Humanity occurs, it can be viewed as ‘chaos’ and yet, the ultimate result is a greater consciousness that all of Humanity can then work from.

Each of you are becoming multi-dimensional Humans, able to traverse many different levels of consciousness in a single instant. You are remembering that you are part of the One and that there never was a separation. This will soon be occurring for many of you. The recent energy downloads have created a movement forward in your evolution, although it is not readily apparent at the moment. As each of you are integrating these new downloads, remember the basics – plenty of water, rest, time in nature, nurturance of Self, quiet time for reflection and connection with your Higher Self. As you go within, you will always be ‘in the flow’ of the current happenings and you will see that you are always guided on your Path.

We of the Higher realms have been speaking to you of the need to feel joy and gratitude during these times because these feelings are higher frequencies that can keep you connected to the Source and also keep you in a sovereign state of Being. These frequency levels can keep you lifted in your Highest Vision. When you express gratitude, it sends these energies out into the Universe and more occurs to keep you in this state, so that you always have more to express gratitude for. Joy is your natural state of Being, for you are all Beings expressing as the Creator expressing as Itself in the innocence of expression, in exploration of its Creation. Staying connected in this way helps you to integrate the New Energies with more ease and grace and prevents you from falling back to that which you have left behind.

Know that you are each supported by many Beings of Light as you walk your Path each day. You are never alone. Love truly is the most powerful force in all the Universes. As you stand in your Light each day, you are a carrier of this Light and you automatically heal people and situations by your presence. Sometimes, this healing comes in the form of the release of negativity in those around you and you must understand the reason for it, Dear Ones, and be patient. Change is not easy for many on Earth today and it will come through the power of Love. You will begin to see and experience this in your daily lives very soon. Many changes are transpiring within each Soul incarnated upon the Earth and each Soul here at this time has made the choice to go through these changes.

Be patient with others and most of all, with yourselves, your day of remembrance is soon upon you. What a day that will be in your experience, Beloved Ones!  Truly, you have worked hard to bring this to pass and it shall be added unto you. As you wake up each morning in your daily lives, know that you are creating your New World by your thoughts, words, deeds and actions. You are changing the World in this way, and as more and more of you come online, the impetus for change will grow ever greater until there shall come the Great Awakening.
Do call upon us daily, Dear Ones, and ask for our assistance. We stand ever ready to assist in whatever way serves you best.
Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff
Distributing this message in other forums, etc. is encouraged, please do so with the following guidelines: Include author’s credit, copyright and website: Weekly Messages from Hilarion. Subscribe to Free Monthly Newsletter.  Details: http://www.therainbowscribe.com *

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What It Means to Serve
May 19, 2009
God/All That Is said:
From what do you flee? Knowledge of yourself? Is that why you run around so much and involve yourself so much in others’ lives? What are you afraid of finding out? Are you afraid to find out that you are a Holy Being established in Truth? Or that you are not the  blessedness I attest that you are? What do you run away from?

You may complain about the rat race, yet you are not confined to it. When you run around so much, there is something you are running away from. When you are not at peace, you are fleeing something.

Responsibility is a good thing. When you are responsible, you can make a difference in your life. Of course, care for others. Of course, by the very nature of the Universe, you contribute to others. Yet it is not for you to interfere in others’ lives and try to change them according to your concept of right and wrong. You are responsible for changing yourself, beloveds. Give to others, give to yourself, and do not try to fix others according to your standards. This can only be the end play of judgment. You are not here on Earth to deem your way the ultimate way.

Feed, nourish, yet do not take it upon yourself to improve others. You are not the corrector of the Universe. Improve yourself. Do not spend your life trying to bring others over to where you think they should be. Call no one infidel. You don’t want anyone to tell you what to do and how to be. What makes you think that you are to do unto others what you do not want done to you?
Before you tell others how to take care of their horses, take care of your own.

It is not for you to tell others what to eat or how to dress. Maybe they don’t like your customs either.

This is an important refrain I sing today, to mind your own business. I understand that you want to serve. If you were a waitress, you would bring the trays of food that were ordered. If you were a waitress, you would not serve others the food you think they are better off eating.

It has been said: You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink. That aphorism presupposes that you know better than the horse. Well, maybe the horse is not thirsty now. Maybe the horse prefers to graze right now.
Be careful about being sure what another should or should not do. Be careful about intruding into others’ lives. You may be running away from your own.

I know you want to be a responsible person, and you want to serve others. Sometimes you serve best by serving silently with your love and blessings.

Be careful about thinking you know the answers. Be careful about thinking that you stand above someone else.
Sometimes you give the most by keeping silent.

Be good to all, and yet do not think you are meant to whip anyone’s life into shape.

Keep your attention on the splinter in your own eye. You have enough to do.

Raise yourself higher. And when you do stand above, pull up those who raise their arms to you, asking that you pull them up. It is not help you give unless another asks for your help.

Do not flee your own life by attention on others’ lives. Attend to yourself. Have the idea that others will attend to their own. Have the idea that I am taking care of all.

The Great Ones served. They did not come from the concept of rescue. Rescue presupposes a problem. With equanimity, the Great Ones served. And all who came to them were free to come and go as they chose.
~Gloria Wendroff, Godwriter™, Teacher, Speaker * The Godwriting™ International Society of Heaven Ministries * 703 E. Burlington Avenue, Fairfield, IA 52556  * www.heavenletters.org * www.heavenletters.org/upcomingbooks.html

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HEAVEN #2843
You Have Nothing to Atone For
September 6, 2008
God/All That IS said:
The joke is on you, beloveds. All the turmoil and drama, although so deep and prolific and important-seeming, can be compared to a hill of beans. Let’s face it, you like excitement. You like having something noteworthy to tell someone. You have even been known to enjoy a new twist of gossip. What would you occupy your mind with if you didn’t believe you had tremendous life-shaking urgencies to take care of and tremendous news to tell?
By the same token, even in calm, you like to be busy, even over-busy. You set the tempo of your life too fast, and then you may add complaints about it to the mix. Oh, how busy you are! How hard-working you are! All you have to do! No one has ever been so busy as you.
Even some of those who work full-time for Me have this, where they make themselves too busy. I will not mention names. It makes Me wonder if they think they have something to make up for.
Look at Me! I don’t work hard. I never did. I am out of time so, of course, I have all the time in the world to just be and to accomplish everything. Not only do I not rush, I feel no need to rush. I don’t procrastinate either. I am a smooth-running freewheeling God. I meet no obstacles. I feel no pressure. I never get out of breath. I enjoy ambling through life. I don’t bend down to pick the flowers either, but you may be sure I enjoy them. By the same token, I enjoy you. I do no bending down when it comes to you either, for I have already picked you up. You are right in front of Me, always in view, always in My heart, always near and dear to Me.
You don’t see it yet, but you are the glory of God. What I created has to be My glory. You have thought otherwise. Have you perhaps even thought you were My downfall? Have you thought you were My disappointment? I have no disappointment. I have no doubt either. I know you are My divine child made of My love and My Will.
Have you perhaps thought I make mistakes? Beloveds, you make mistakes, and you may make a big deal of them, and yet they count for nothing. Over one mistake, you browbeat yourself, adding mistakes along the way. You are proficient.
When I see what you call mistake, I see an anthill, and I wonder at the magnificence of your creativity. I cannot help but think if you took all the focus you presently put on what you see as error and put the attention onto something more forthcoming, how far ahead you would be. It must be you cannot do the math, beloveds! One would think you believe in error, regret, self-recrimination more than you believe in all the good you can do. No question, when it comes down to it, you have it askew. I’ve got to tell you, beloveds, you have nothing to atone for.
Whatever grievousness you may have caused, you don’t have anything to atone for. Tell Me, is not atoning living in the past? You know I want you to get out of the past, so why would I ever stick you in the past? There is no past. What you think of as the past is ink that was washed away the minute you wrote with it. It was watercolor in the rain.
Do you think I would put you in a corner and make you stay there until you learn a lesson? I would not. I will not. I have not.
Come out from wherever you are. Never mind about yesterday. Come with Me today.

Gloria Wendroff, Godwriter™, Teacher, Speaker * The Godwriting™ International Society of Heaven Ministries * 703 E. Burlington Avenue, Fairfield, IA 52556 * www.heavenletters.org

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